Social Media Content & Account Manager

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Get Started and Set Up Strong
Everything you need to get your annual marketing on track with a solid solid strategy.
  1. 90 min. Start Up Session with your dedicated Account Manager
  2. Set up and Support of 1 Rinse + Repeat Marketing Strategy with your Account Manager drafting out all copy, putting together posts and sending them for review/refinement, fine-tuning and scheduling
  3. Set of 3 major social media post and story graphic design templates custom created to match your brand's style
  4. Annual marketing calendar mapped out at a glance with your Account Manager creating reminders so she'll be reaching out to you to get content for upcoming events/happenings, rather than you needing to remember and chase her down
  5. Quarterly marketing mapped out in detail with posts drafted and sent for feedback/refinement and then fine-tuned and scheduled
Monthly Social Media Includes:
Everything you need to have a strong strategy that keeps the algorithms happy and helps grows your influence and following, while keeping your time and energy free with a dedicated Account Manager.
  1. Overall Management of 3 Social Media Accounts (eg. Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Instagram Account)
  2. Monthly Session with Your Dedicated Account Manager to talk through your upcoming social media needs and get them into your calendar and posting to your accounts
  3. Daily Management of Your 3 Accounts' Inboxes and Comments - responding in a timely manner to your inboxes and comments is a crucial way to strengthen your position in the algorithms while also building a loyal following, but getting in there and doing it can take your whole day off track. Your Account Manager will copy and paste anything she can't respond to in your dedicated Slack channel for you to quickly respond there at your convenience and then she'll post your response where it needs to go, making it so you don't ever have to log in to your accounts unless you want to. (This ONE feature saves Quinn massive amounts of time and helps her avoid costly distraction during the work day so she can stay in her genius zone.)
  4. Coschedule Calendar with Up to 5 Social Profiles and the Requeue Feature (value $75/mo.) - utilize the very best and most user-friendly platform in scheduling software; if you desire to be able to access this (most of our clients don't need to), an additional monthly charge of $15 will be added to your bill
  5. Monthly Reports of Your Social Profile's Performance and Engagement Rates, keeping you in the loop on what's happening in your accounts and what's working and what needs adjusted (your Account Manager will be watching these reports carefully to advise you on adjustments also)
  6. Planoly Account (value $7/mo.) - utilize the very best in Instagram planning software to ensure that you're feed looks professional and cohesive
  7. Instagram Posting, with Photo Grid Planning & Copy Suggestions - sent to you 1-2 weeks in advance to refine/write the copy for your posts
  8. Facebook Posting, with coordination of any graphic design needs from our team for those posts - drafts sent to you 1-2 weeks in advance to refine/write copy
  9. Instagram story posting Mondays-Fridays - ideally you want 4+ stories posted to your account daily; while we do recommend that you post through the day also, your dedicated Account Manager will post anything related to your Monthly Marketing calendar to your stories
  10. 10 Custom Graphics - using your dedicated templates; additional graphics can be added as needed, incurring a nominal fee; unused graphics will roll over to the next month, but expire after 6 months
**Want to add in any additional accounts for our team to manage? Every additional account will add up to $50 to your monthly fee.
**Looking for support with monthly/weekly newsletters? Monthly newsletters will add $90 to your monthly fee, while weekly newsletters will add $135 to your monthly fee (weekly newsletters tend to be easier and less time consuming than one large monthly newsletter).
Social Media Content & Account Manager
Social Media Content & Account Manager