Soul Brand + Business Intensive with Quinn Curtis

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"Quinn has a way of looking at my scribbles, listening to my rambling heart and pulling out the pure magic of it all." - Lisa Barge

Ready to BREAK THROUGH in a MASSIVE way in your business and brand? Excited to find some magic in your current "mess" so you can get out of overwhelm and finally take inspired action to move your dreams and goals forward in your business? 

Spend 1-2 days with Quinn going through your entire business and brand's strategy to help you find some MASSIVE breakthroughs and getting your questions answered. It's time to move forward crystal clear in your business!

"Quinn has infectious energy and amazing insight on business. Working with her has been both motivating and inspiring. I would highly recommend Quinn to anyone who wants to build their business, their brand, their team and their customer base. She is open-minded, a broad-thinker, and creative. She helped me showcase my strengths in my business and use those to my advantage!" - Lindsey Ardmore

All sessions occur via Zoom so you can speak to Quinn face-to-face regardless of your location around the world. Recordings of the session are sent afterwards so you can go back to listen again and again. 

NOTE: 1 day = 6 hours of time together with a 20-30 min. lunch break in between. Typically they are scheduled weekdays from 9am-3pm MST.